who even is this person

Hey, I'm Joe (J.J.)

i've been making games since 1995 (i was 9 years old)

i'm a garage game dev who does his own art, coding, game/level design, & writing

i co-founded an indie game company with my best friend in 2013

(it's called attack mountain)

i studied game design & development / digital media design at Full Sail University

i specialize in marrying good design + storytelling + 'vibe'

i write really good stories/dialogue and you should totally get me to write for your game

i'm also pretty good with marketing games

i love tapping into - and building on - a game's unique voice and using it to further their 'brand', both by connecting with current fans & attracting new ones

i got my start in casual games

i produced/designed over 50

i learned a lot about b2b and b2c business models, advergaming

and how to work with pre-established brands

i worked in the AAA industry for ~7ish yrs

i was a writer and narrative designer on just cause 3

(i also did a ton of QA engineering work)

i did some narrative preproduction and writing on some other AAA games too

my indie stuff is what i'm most proud of.

attack mountain produced THE ATTACK PACK which we published in 2016.

the three games included in the bundle are still kicking around the ol' internet.

(i even update them occasionally)

i play everything but gravitate towards RPGs, story-driven action games & retro indie horror.

i love a good open world sandbox game like Fallout: New Vegas or Outer Worlds,

and i'll play anything where i get to plant things, cook stuff, or hang out with animals.

i'm a big Nintendo, Capcom, & Obsidian fan and i stan for indie studios.

i'll help you make your game better. hit me up and let's talk!

NYC Skyline BW
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Is this a remote gig? (UPDATE 12/7: Only accepting remote work due to COVID! If this is a problem for you then we probably aren't a good cultural fit anyway. Welcome to the roarin' 20s, baby!)

thanks. talk soon!